'Teen Wolf' Season 3B Spoilers: Dark Stiles to Hurt Best Friend Scott Despite Plea? Watch Extended Promo Video For Episode 19 'Letharia Vulpina'

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The extended promo video for "Teen Wolf" Season 3B Episode 19 titled "Letharia Vulpina" shows Stiles' (Dylan O'Brien) family and friends finding a way to save him from heading to the dark side of the Nogitsune possessing his body. Additionally, series creator Jeff Davis teased that Stile's current behavior will last a little longer.

The promo video shows the "Teen Wolf" cast members struggling to identify whether the real Stiles is in front of them or the Nogitsune taking over his body. The video clip kicks off with Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby), Stiles' father, giving firm order that someone should immediately find his son after two witnesses revealed information about Stiles' leaving the hospital with his jeep.

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Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) and Chris Argent (J.R. Bourne) can also be seen in the promo video discussing their interest of finding Stiles. "Mind if I ask what you plan on doing if you find him?" Derek asked Chris and he responded: "Well that depends on which Stiles I find."

Stiles insists in another scene that he is being himself while holding up one of the Argent's ultrasonic emitters device. "I know what you guys are thinking. But it's me. I swear to God it's me," Stiles stated. The final scene in the clip shows Scott (Tyler Posey) facing his best friend Stiles telling him the words "Please don't."

The Nogitsune possession is causing trouble for Stiles Stilinski and series creator Jeff Davis teased the fans in the Enstars report about the character's dark side lasting for a little while. "I can tease that were not sure yet if Stiles is really off the rails or not," Mr Davis revealed on "Wolf Watch."

However, "Teen Wolf" star Tyler Posey assures that Stiles may be the enemy in the current episodes but the true villains will still appear in the upcoming Season 3B episodes. "The ninjas are definitely the main villains of the season. You'll definitely see [Stiles] go more in the direction that you can already see him going in. Of course, it's Teen Wolf, so we're going to pop up with a couple of different villains in there, so there's no shortage of evilness to come," Tyler Posey explained in the E!Online TV Scoop report.

"Teen Wolf" Season 3B airs Monday nights at 10 pm ET on MTV.

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