'Teen Wolf' Season 3B Spoilers: Arden Cho Tease About The Kira-Scott Romance, Goodbye Allison For Good?

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The return of "Teen Wolf" Season 3B on Monday night, January 6, had the fans losing their minds with the premiere episode "Anchors." Some fans may continue to lose their minds as new girl Arden Cho tease about the romantic relationship between her character, Kira, and True Alpha werewolf Scott McCall (Tyler Posey).

Will there be a love triangle story happening in the second half or is it goodbye Allison for good? The 28-year-old actress, who portrays Beacon Hills High transfer student Kira Yukimura, revealed in the Hollywood Life report that things between her character and Scott will be heating up as the supernatural TV series continue.

A promo photo and video even shows the two characters sharing an intense kiss but Ms Cho warns that viewers should not believe what they see. According to the actress, fans can still enjoy the blossoming connection between the two characters.

"Scott and Kira definitely have a special connection. She's kind of an outsider, like he and his friends, and they're really going to bond over that as the season continues," Ms Cho shared. The "Kitsune" is expected to be the cause for Kira and Scott to bond this Season 3B.

Arden Cho further teased the fans with what they can expect as the Kitsune myth gets introduced in the show. "There's something called the kitsune, which you see in the trailer. And that really scary face everyone keeps referring to. Let's just say we've been doing a lot of night shoots, and this season is actually really scary. There's a lot of screaming," the actress shared.

Ms Cho may have felt the pressure of appearing as a love interest in the TV series already in its second half but the newbie revealed that her working experience with co-star Tyler Posey and the rest of the cast members has been great and really inviting.

The Buddy TV report offers more spoiler details for "Teen Wolf" Season 3B as series creator Jeff Davis dish on the new characters and myth for MTV's supernatural series. Mr Davis expressed his excitement in the Buddy TV interview for introducing the new female character that Arden Cho portrays since the show is known for its male-heavy characters.

The series creator further teased that new gay characters will be appearing in the second half after taking note of a New York Comic Con attendee's implication of adding more bisexual characters and kung fu theater as well as ninja movies inspired him to create and include the Kitsune myth in the TV series. "Teen Wolf" Season 3B is scheduled to air Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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