'Teen Wolf' Season 3B: Cast Members Tease Surprises and Darker Stories, Watch MTV's Released Teaser Videos Featuring Stiles, Allison and Scott [VIDEOS]

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MTV's teaser videos for "Teen Wolf" Season 3B has been released and it shows scary and disorienting scenes. According to the TV.com report, the theme for the season's second-half will be called "Lose your mind" with the video clips featuring Stiles (Dylan O'Brien), Allison (Crystal Reed) and Scott (Tyler Posey) who went through a triple suicide mission in order to save their parents.

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The "Teen Wolf" cast members teased that viewers can expect more surprises and darker stories when the TV series return for the second-half of Season 3 in 2014. The video interview in the Hypable report have Bianca Lawson, Max and Charlie Carver and Holland Roden all commenting on what will happen next in the 12 more episodes of "Teen Wolf" Season 3.

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Bianca Lawson, who portrays guidance counselor Marin Morrell, revealed that the season's second-half will be "even darker" for the characters. When asked about what's next for her character, the actress revealed that viewers will be seeing more of her.

"You're going to see her in new situations. Where she really stands is going to be more clear," Ms Lawson stated to Celebified. Max Carver, who portrays Alpha werewolf Aiden, put an emphasis on Bianca Lawson's revelation about the upcoming Season 3B being darker.

"The Nemeton has opened, and the world looks completely different. You can certainly expect some surprises," the actor teased. Actress Holland Roden confirmed as well the darkness of "Teen Wolf" Season 3B but relationships are what she discussed more.

Max Carver, who is Holland Roden's on-screen interest, previously stated that a love triangle is not happening between his character, Lydia and Stiles. However, the 27-year-old actress claims that there is definitely one going on.

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Furthermore, Ms Roden even hopes that her relationship with Aiden could be explored more. Another interesting detail that the actress shared is the arrival of a new girl in town. Ms Roden teased: "There's a new girl in town, and [Lydia] puts up the Tracy Flick wall, and it's not very nice to the new girl." Could the new girl in town be the love interest of Stiles in "Teen Wolf" Season 3B?

The second half of "Teen Wolf" Season 3 is scheduled to return on Monday, January 6, 2014, at 10/9c.

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