'Teen Wolf' Season 3 Top 3 Most Memorable Scenes

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Was Teen Wolf's season 3 finale crazy or what? Fans call the season ender to be heart wrenching and everyone seemed to be glued in front of their TV screens as this MTV drama series has reached a closed book. Season 3 was indeed about surprises and breathtaking revelations back at Beacon Hills.

It was during this season when Scott, the character played by hunk-actor Tyler Posey, experienced a lot of struggle as part of the Alpha pack. Scott, together with his love interest Allison (Crystal Reed) and best buddy Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) underwent some side effect of reigniting power. On top of that, many secrets were unleashed and the events draw these three teenagers into grave danger.

Surely more excitement are set to be brewing at Season 4 especially with the addition of "the girl trio" and "Stiles' love lives," according to E! Online. But before getting thrilled of the "Teen Wolf" Season 4 episodes and spoilers which is set to be aired on June 23, let us refresh our memory with three of the most unforgettable Teen Wolf episodes.

1. That "sword and rain" episode between Stiles and Scott - who could ever forget that scene? Where both Posey and O'Brien were all hunky and so feisty with their fang-showing action stunts. No wonder the real Scott himself loved that episode more than we do.

2. "Scott and Mom in the Kitchen" - that scene too blew everyone away as much as Tyler did, according to Collider during their interview with the young actor. The actor also claims that he has "never done anything like that before" and that "it was a lot of fun to shoot."

3. The "hospital scene" between Scott and Stiles - the scene is considered one of the "quiet moments" of the series and a crowd favorite, according to Entertainment Weekly. It was during this episode when the character of Stiles was revealed to have been possessed by a Nogitsune, an evil Japanese spirit.

Spoilers have it that the upcoming Teen Wolf Season 4 will give more life to new lady characters. Though the character of Allison has formally said goodbye, new lead additions will be introduced. This will be played by Arden Cho as Kira and Malia Shelley Hennig.

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