From 'Teen Wolf' to 'The Originals' Cast: Daniel Sharman Joins Season 2 of the CW Spinoff Series as New French Quarter Witch Named Kaleb


"Teen Wolf" star Daniel Sharman is leaving behind his Beacon Hills werewolf character to be a new witch in New Orleans when "The Originals" return with the brand new Season 2. The latest casting reports revealed that the 28-year-old British actor will join the cast of "The Originals" as the handsome, charming but dangerous French Quarter witch character named Kaleb.

According to the exclusive E!News TV Scoop report, the CW Network has cast actor Daniel Sharman for a major role in "The Originals" Season 2. The report added that Daniel, who is fresh off his "Teen Wolf" character Isaac, will be making his debut appearance in the Season 2 premiere episode.

What will Kaleb be doing as a witch in "The Originals" Season 2 that is reported to air in October 2014? The new character aims to wreak havoc, woo women and cause as much chaos as possible.

It was further revealed in E!News' exclusive report that a horrific family upbringing has deeply wounded Kaleb and the witch covers his emotional wounds with a wicked sense of humour and temper.

In "The Originals" Season 2, Daniel Sharman will be working again with Joseph Morgan who portrays the Original hybrid Klaus Mikaelson. The TVFanatic report shared that the British actors have worked together in the 2011 film titled "Immortals."

After the finale for "Teen Wolf" Season 3, series producer Jeff Davis confirmed that actor Daniel Sharman asked to be written off the MTV series but asked for his character, Isaac, not be killed so he can still have the chance to come back.

"He said he loved the role so much that he wanted to be able to come back if there was a chance. But he was at a position where he wanted to stretch his creative wings and I said to him, 'Well, if we can't convince you to come back, we'll definitely leave the door open for you'," the series producer and creator shared to E!News.

"The Originals" will return on Tuesday night, May 13, at 8 pm ET on the CW Network with Episode 22 titled "From a Cradle to the Grave."

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