'Teen Mom' Baby Bump Pierced Jenelle Evans Defends Boyfriend Nathan Griffith For Yelling at Her Mother

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'Teen Mom 2' recently aired a shocking episode showing Jenelle Evans' boyfriend Nathan Griffith yelling at her mother, Barbara Evans. What is more shocking for viewers is how Jenelle even defended her man over her own mother. According to Radar Online, a show insider said that Griffith actually admitted that he should not have yelled at Barbara but there is also a story behind the scenes that explains why Griffith raised his voice. The source said Babs was yelling the entire time while Griffith shouted back for only a few seconds.

"He said before she was even over there, he was already upset because he overheard a conversation between Babs and Jenelle where Barbara was saying how she could actually see through him and that he was a phony, a pretty boy courtland who's jst trying to use them," the show's insider said. Jenelle was supposedly quick to defend her boyfriend. "Jenelle asked her mother to name one more guy that can even come close to comparing with him and Babs said Gary. Jenelle was shocked! Gary cheated on Jenelle and used to hit her but her mother said 'Well if he did not do all that he would be better. Jenelle was so pissed!" the source added.

There are rumours that Evans and Griffith's relationship is on the rocks but acoording to the source, the expectant parents are happy with each other and Jenelle hopes to marry Nathan as soon as she is divorced from her husband. "Nathan really tries his hardest to be themost genuine and respectful, nicest person he can. Jenelle tells him he is too nice all the time and that is why he gets walked on," the source claims.

Jenelle Evans is only several weeks away from giving birth to her second child and the reality TV star shocked her followers when she posted a nude photo of her baby bump with a belly button piercing on her Instagram account. "Lmao I feel like a Buddha #BabyBump," Jenelle's photo caption went with a photo of her belly barely cutting off her top and bottom private parts. The piercing has stretched and flattened out because of her growing belly.

Evans was also criticized by Amber Portwood, saying Evans could use a little time in jail. "As scary as it seems, it could change her life for the better. It is not like you wake up one day and say, Hey, I am clean. You have one child to think about before you have another," Portwood told Teen Mom News with regard to Evans not having custody of her son, Jace.  

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