Great deals are available these days for MacBook Air.

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Customers look at HTC smartphones in a mobile phone shop in Taipei

Rumors of the small version of One M8 have started to surface, not long after the One M8 was market released. When images of the mini phone leaked, it seems the mini variant is nearing completion.

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Google currently faces a lawsuit for the reported "monopoly" of search in mobiles by having OEMs like HTC and Samsung making Google as default option and preload its apps suite on their devices.

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Musings og a Virgin Whore blog

Did Elizabeth Raine, the alias of a pretty 28-year-old medical student who caused furor on the Internet by auctioning her virginity to the highest bidder, had second thoughts about her decision not to push through with the 12-hour date with sex and instead concentrate of her medical studies?

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When Microsoft launched Cortana to the digital world to join Siri and Google Now, it looks like handset buyers will have another option to think about when choosing a device that will assist them in their digital lives.

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Within a month after taking over Finnish smartphone maker Nokia, Microsoft is reportedly prepping to release a new Lumia phone in India next week

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Different Colored Examples of Motorola's New Moto X Phones Rest on a Table at a Launch Event in New York

Motorola's flagship model Moto X, which got released in India in mid-March for ₹23,999 can now be purchased under ₹20,000 at online store.

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World smartphone leader, Samsung has reportedly dropped the Android KitKat update rollout plan for 2012's flagship phones Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300) and S3 Mini (3G).

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All the newly launched smartphones Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and Xperia Z2 are priced in same range. Consumers will be having hard time in picking the best between the lots. To give a clear perspective, we compiled a list of stand-out features between these three smartphones.

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Netizens were quick to react on Twitter with the hashtag #tummyeggs over the unfortunate use of the word "tummy" by Australian MP Geoff Shaw as he explained his point on the radical abortion bill he proposed.

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A female American medical student who auctioned her virginity to the highest bidder officially closed the bidding at 8 pm on Wednesday night, May 7. Hiding the alias Elizabeth Raine, she posted in her Web site that the highest bid received was $801,000.

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Ascend P7

Huawei has currently joined the high-end handset race by launching its new flagship Ascend P7 in Paris on May 7.

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