People turned to the social media Twitter to express their thoughts in a form of protest after Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey delivered the first budget under the government of Prime Minister Tony Abbot on Tuesday night.

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In remembering of the life and legacy of the British Chemist Dorothy Hodgkin's 104th birthday, Google treats visitors with doodle on atomic and molecular structure of a crystal.

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Galaxy Note 3 users on Verizon reportedly will get their Android Kitkat update on May 23.

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Apple Inc.

Apple has started a varied lineup of iPads and iPods in many sizes at the start of the year with one form factor - the iPhone.

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Mermaid statue

A viral video of dead mermaid making the rounds of social networking sites is likely another hoax story on the Internet that netizens would still be interested in despite all signs the carcass is an art work only.

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Samsung Electronics will hold an app challenge worldwide for Gear 2 developers to support the applications for the wearable market.

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Great deals are available these days for MacBook Air.

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Customers look at HTC smartphones in a mobile phone shop in Taipei

Rumors of the small version of One M8 have started to surface, not long after the One M8 was market released. When images of the mini phone leaked, it seems the mini variant is nearing completion.

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Google currently faces a lawsuit for the reported "monopoly" of search in mobiles by having OEMs like HTC and Samsung making Google as default option and preload its apps suite on their devices.

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Musings og a Virgin Whore blog

Did Elizabeth Raine, the alias of a pretty 28-year-old medical student who caused furor on the Internet by auctioning her virginity to the highest bidder, had second thoughts about her decision not to push through with the 12-hour date with sex and instead concentrate of her medical studies?

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When Microsoft launched Cortana to the digital world to join Siri and Google Now, it looks like handset buyers will have another option to think about when choosing a device that will assist them in their digital lives.

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Within a month after taking over Finnish smartphone maker Nokia, Microsoft is reportedly prepping to release a new Lumia phone in India next week

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