Tech, Social Networks Making Access to Super Bowl Easier

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Modern Technology has certainly changed the way we do things and this is also applicable in the way people watch one of the most highly-anticipated sports event in the world: Super Bowl.

Watching Superbowl in front of the Television screen is the old-fashioned way to watch the game but The Washington Post declared that this year's game will be the first "second screen" Super Bowl. This means that the game would be available in different sources aside from the old-school television set. In a study done by Nielsen, statistics show that 45% of Americans that have tablets and smartphones will be watching the game in their television sets alongside their smartphones and tablets. Don Kellogg, director for Nielsen's telecom research, this behavior is typical for the teenager demographics. This change in viewing habit also means a change for the way the game is being broadcasted to audiences.

Social media also plays a powerful role in changing the way people view Super Bowl. For example, Google recently launched a site called "Game Day with Google" which offers special features like recipes for snacks while watching the game, pregame briefing, stats and other important information regarding the game. Google+, Google's social media site is also introducing Google+ hangout by the New York Giants.

Social Network for Super Bowl

Indianapolis, the venue for the Super Bowl also tapped in the power of social media as it launched the "Super Bowl Social Media Command Center". It is a 2,800-square-foot venue that caters to the social media needs of their audience. This program listed the help of knowledgeable Internet users to answer venue-related questions from people within a 50-mile radius. They also provided valuable information like parking spaces and traversing through the dense crowd. It will also try to provide answers for questions posted in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Alongside with this is the new app for iOS and Android by NFL. In this new app, people could also find relevant information regarding the game like maps, directions, list of business establishments, restaurants, etc.

Ads and Social Media

Commercial ads in Super Bowl have also tried to adapt to the changing viewing pattern of audiences. Companies and ad agencies have incorporated various ways to target their potential market. Super Bowl ads for the year 2012 costs an average amount of US$3.5 million for a 30-second spot which is estimated to reach 100 million viewers. Naturally, advertisers will try to squeeze the worth of these ads by making sure that they reach their target audience both in the television screen and in social media networks. Half of the Super Bowl ads have already been posted online to create a type of social buzz even before the game has started. Other companies also encouraged the public to participate in leaving comments about their online commercial or participating in their contests. Many participants are encouraged to participate through the use of Facebook or Twitter. This strategy worked well last year with Doritos and many companies are hoping for the same viral exposure through this strategy. Aside from companies, movies are also participating in this battle of the ads in Super Bowl as upcoming movies like Battleship, G.I. Joe, Avengers, etc. released their own movie preview.

Based on these changes made by NFL and advertising campaigns, it is safe to say that social media networks have a major role in this year's Super Bowl habit. Mike Elgan from Computerworld discussed these changes stating that "The Super Bowl has always been a social event. What's different now is that social media and the Internet have turned geography and proximity into nonfactors -- the trash talk and game banter can now span the globe, as people who can't get together physically interact with one another virtually."

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