'Tech Geek' Fawn Qiu's In Real Life Version of Flappy Bird Says Hello

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Whoever said goodbye to the virtual Flappy Bird hadn't expected it to come out in real life. Take note, in a box. Fawn Qiu, a product development manager for a children's media company and the founder of MakeAnything, is the person who seemed determined to change the game with In Real Life version of Flappy Bird.

On Feb. 18, Fawn Qiu shared an Instagram video of her newest project-IRL Flappy Bird.

It's not vague for those playing Flappy Bird that the application was a hard game to play. Some can barely even score two points. But according to Ms Qiu, as told on Business Insider, she was hoping that the IRL version would be easier.

The Flappy Bird app was pulled out in app stores on Feb. 9 by Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen, leaving disappointed gamers scrambling to make worthy causes that will bring back Flappy Bird.

Hopes are still up for Flappy Bird. App stores has come up with several free games trying to imitate the real Flappy Bird, coming up with Clumsy Bird, Floppy Bird, Fly-Birds-Floppy Birdie Flying, and more.

So this time, Fawn Qiu takes it in her self to create something that would not just imitate Flappy Bird, but seemed to also pay tribute to the app in real life.

In Fawn Qiu's Twitter account @qiulab, where she considers herself a tech geek, she replied to a tweet that she used Arduino board for the IRL project.

Qiu also mentioned to a reply on her Twitter account that she would love to host a workshop on the project to teach people about hardware soon.

Using Arduino, an open-source electronics prototyping platform that is based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software, Qiu created an IRL version of Flappy Bird.

Arduino seemed to be a good material for Ms Qiu's project. It can sense the environment by receiving input from variety of sensors. With two motors and some magnetic sensors, Qiu was set to play the game.

Those who weren't able to download Flappy Bird before it was given its sudden death in app stores would surely benefit from Fawn Qiu's IRL project. Interesting project she got there.

Interested Flappy Bird players can now keep on flying. In real life.

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