Tech Entrepreneur Slammed For Urging Teachers to Have Sex With Students Via Own Web site

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Tom Thurlow, a tech entrepreneur and founder of "Shag at Uni" or a casual sex Web site for British students, has been slammed for opening his dating Web site to teachers for free.

The online launch has raised many issues regarding abuse of power, morality and the social impact of encouraging lecturers have sex with their students.

Thurlow created in September 2012 to cater to the adult niche, according to Mail Online. The Web site apparently became a hit to the students looking for a "one-night relationship" as the site reaches more than 2,000 new members on its first week of launch. is a community for casual sex directed to students. It was not the first time Thurlow had been criticized for its mere existence. In 2013, the dating site had also been under fire for organizing an online competition for "Britain's Horniest Student." The contest declared a Latvian-born student Elina Desaine as winner posting on the site's Facbook page the reason she should be picked.

"I should be the UK's horniest student because I have sex with at least two to three different people a week," according to a source.

Despite Desaine's confidence on having a sexual relationship with different partners, sexual health experts questioned the competition, saying it is "dangerous" no matter how the Web site will promote safe sex.

Recenlty, Thurlow opened the Web site to university lecturers so they could have an easy access to the students they are interested of sleeping with. In a blog post, the author wrote the Web site was getting plenty of visits from various lecturers, thus encouraging them to use the Web site to its full potential.

But the post also warned the lecturers to prevent "hooking up" with their own students as much as possible to avoid complications such as "discrepancies over exam results or degree grades."

Also, the Web site offers lecturers free membership for the whole year if they will sign up this 2014. "Shag at Uni" has a monthly premium of £25 according to the post.

Netizens have a mixed reactions regarding the acceptability of the Web site. Thurlow said "Shag at Uni" is "changing lives." The blog post encouraging lecturers to sign up has been checked as of this writing, but it ceases to exist.

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