Teacher Punishes Students with ‘Game of Thrones’ Spoilers; What‘s In Store for Season 4?

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A math teacher finds a way to get hold of students' attention-reveal "Game of Thrones" spoilers.

The Belgian news organization Het Nieuwsblad reported that after knowing that his students are fans of the famous HBO series the "Game of Thrones", a math teacher told them that he would reveal who'll die on the yet to be released season of the "Game of Thrones" if they would not keep quiet during class.

The teacher has been reading George R.R. Martin's books which are included in the A Song of Ice and Fire series from which HBO "Game of Thrones" is based from. This gave him the idea on the deaths on the story.

"Well, I've read all the books,' he told them. 'If there is too much noise, I will write the name of the dead on the board. They are enough to fill the whole year and I can even describe how they die," the teacher told in local language as reported in nieuwsblad.be.

The way of disciplining the students has been effective. The math teacher has seen results immediately. Unruly students who thought the teacher did an empty threat soon regret when the teacher started writing "Game of Thrones" characters on the board.

Meanwhile, the TV series is now on its fourth season which carries the title "Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing". "Game of Thrones" will hit the television screens this April. The producers of the film told in some interviews that this season is a half way of the story which could mean that the fantasy TV series will end in the sixth or seventh season.

While spoilers from the books are leaking, "Game of Thrones" this season is expected to have more fight scenes as well as great twists and turns in the plots. The deaths include that of a king and someone's father and first love. More characters are also added in the already majestic number of characters to watch in the show. Two worlds are expected to collide that will drive the story in 360 degrees.

Catch "Game of Thrones, Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing" this April.

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