Tea Gives You a Thinner Body and Beautiful Skin

Tea Hydrates the Skin, Rejuvenates the Body and Helps Enhancing Ones Beauty
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A woman pours tea into a tasting cup in Pinglin September 27, 2007.
A woman pours tea into a tasting cup in Pinglin September 27, 2007. The small town is one of Taiwan's major tea growing areas and is located in the mountains which provides an ideal climate for growing tea. Photo taken on September 27, 2007. To match feature ASIA-TEA/ REUTERS/Nicky Loh (TAIWAN) Reuters

According to the Tea Association of the USA. Inc., tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world nest to water. Almost 80 percent of the people in the US consume either hot or cold tea. Though coffee still is widely consumed, tea is a leader in the beverage world. What most people are unaware of is that this tasty drink has a lot of advantages; it helps prevent cardiovascular disease, burn calories and ward off some types of cancer.

Drinking tea has its own benefits apart from it being a refreshing it also helps mentally, emotionally and physically. A lot of research has proved that it has a lot of benefits. Loaded with polyphenols which act as anti oxidants and help in keeping the skin and the body healthy; an added advantage of drinking tea is that it facilitates weight loss. Dieticians all around the world have testified to the benefits of all kinds of tea.

The Tea Advisory Panel (TAP) is an expert panel which gives objective information about tea. They have provided a list of benefits a cup of tea holds not just in keeping you healthy but also helping you enhance your beauty.

According to the list, the first most important advantage of drinking tea is that it keeps the skin hydrated. Water is extremely essential for a healthy working of all the organs of the body, including the tissues and cells.  A recent study stated that six cups of tea per day has the same hydrating properties of water.

Tea also plays a huge role in keeping the skin healthy. A well hydrated skin is said to be healthy. During summer there is a huge amount of fluid loss which can be countered by drinking all types of tea. This keeps the skin hydrated and in good condition. White tea has seen to have anti-inflammatory activity in human skin. A study conducted on human skin cells revealed that white tea reduces inflammation. The skin cells are exposed to hydrogen peroxide, but white tea reversed the effect . TAP dietician Lynne Garton said, "Tea in amounts of up to 6 cups daily can play an important a role in hydration as water. Keeping well hydrated is also vital for our skin, helping it to look 'vibrant' and youthful. In addition tea polyphenols have been shown to improve skin quality. And don't forget that tea can also help with weight loss plans".

Weight loss is also associated with tea consumption. Compared to non-tea drinkers, people who drink tea for more than a week have seen to decrease body fat percentages resulting in a smaller waist circumference as well. All tea drinks including black tea when consumed with skimmed milk is a lower calorie alternative to any other drink, provided one does not mix sugar in the tea. It also revitalises the body.

Tea Bags also help enhance one's beauty. Tea bags soaked in warm water and placed over closed eyes rejuvenates puffy eyes. It can also be used as a natural conditioner, freshly brewed tea when used after a shampoo acts as a conditioner ad keeps the hair soft and smooth, preventing rough tangled knots, which most women face.  Peppermint tea is a refreshing and soothing mouthwash.

According to the Euromonitor International, the world leader in strategy research for consumer markets, it is estimated that in the United States there would be an inward on trade volume of 38,156 tonnes. The reason behind this is seen to be a rise in the tea shops, education of the consumers and the different varieties of tea that consumers are offered. 

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