Taylor Swift’s New Breakup with a Stalker Who Threatens to ‘Kill Any Man Who Gets in His Way’

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Musician Taylor Swift arrives at the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscars Party in West Hollywood, California
Musician Taylor Swift arrives at the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscars Party in West Hollywood, California March 2, 2014. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

Celebrity stalkers are nothing new, and psychos are the famous ones. Taylor Swift is just one of the many celebrities who get to break up with one of her stalkers. Reports concluded that the songstress just got a restraining order against a stalker who believes he's married to Swift and vowed to kill any man who gets in the way of their marriage.

According to a TMZ report, Taylor Swift has filed legal documents in response to Timothy Sweet's harassment since January 2011. Swift has received a barrage of emails, letters, and social media posts professing his love for her.

"My wife, Taylor Swift (Sweet) and I live in Beverly Hills. I am in love with her. In conclusion, we treat each other with dignity and respect. I will carry a gun to protect her the rest of my life," Sweet, a 6-foot, 200-pound man, wrote on one of his failed attempt to woo Swift.

"Dearest Taylor, I'll kill any man who gets in the way of our marriage. Message to John Kerry, Secretary of State. Message from YOUR Presidential Candidate," the 33-year-old stalker also wrote as stated in the request filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

E! reported that Swift stated Sweet's conduct as "seriously alarming and harassing and are extremely distressing" to Swift and her family. Swift is currently not dating anyone and she's definitely not married to anyone, either. And for Sweet who believes he is Swift's husband, Swift said that she does "not have desire to interact with or communicate in any way" with him.

Sheknows.com mentioned on its report a couple of celebrities who had their own share of drama with celebrity stalkers. One of the stalkers is a man named Han Cong Zhao who found himself in jail after harassing Oscar-nominated actress Jennifer Lawrence's family members and claiming that he was JLaw's husband.

"If anyone in Taylor Swift's family gets killed, it is not my fault," Sweet also wrote to the songstress, which is also stated in the legal document. When family is involved, just like JLaw, Swift got scared and this brought to the filing of legal documents.

The court ordered Sweet to stay 100 yards away from Swift and three members of her family, including Swift's mother, father and brother, as the songstress requested.

This time, it's not Taylor Swift's heart that is broken. Swift just broke someone's heart, and she definitely just broke any delusional thoughts Timothy had, or still has, when she requested the TRO. It's a far cry from Swift reportedly crying over her recent breakup with "Prince of Persia" actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

Taylor Swift is last spotted attending the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscars Party in West Hollywood, Calif. on Mar. 2, 2014. Everything seemed well with the songstress now.

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