Taylor Swift's Mansion Trespassed By Three Connecticut Natives

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Taylor Swift is having trespassers again in her mansion. Radar Online cited Swift's Rhode Island mansion was vandalized by rude trespassers.

Aside from throwing beer bottles at the famous country singer's mansion, the three Connecticut natives were also rude to her security guards. The three were arrested for breach of peace.

Radar Online reported three Connecticut locals have been arrested because of their misdemeanor after they reportedly threw beer bottles at Swift's home and told her security guards, "F*ck You!" The three were not contended with swearing, they also stuck out their middle fingers at the guards. This was narrated by Guard Ryan Poirer to The Westerly Sun.

Tristan Kading, one of the alleged perpetrators, claimed they were not "extending their middle fingers." He said they were just making a hand gesture that Swift did in her music video for the singe "22." They just paid homage to their idol.

Kading told TMZ they do not have anything against Swift and her guards. He noted the trespassing took place as their drinking got out of hand. The suspect added he and his friends "were not flipping off anyone ... they were simply throwing up the peace sign like Taylor does in her 22 music video."

Fortunately, the "Teardrops on My Guitar" singer was not in the premises when the violence took place.

The three suspects Kading, 28; Michael Horrigan, 29 and Emily Kading, 26, were taken into custody after being caught. They were brought to the Westerly Police Station, interviewed and then charged with misdemeanor. They were released soon afterward.

This was not the first time that Swift's home was trespassed, Mail Onlike UK reported.

Previously, a persistent 55-year-old man repeatedly trespassed the "You Belong with Me" singer's mansion as he wished to give her his number. In 2013, he went to the mansion twice on a mission to give the singer his number.

He was charged with trespassing by the local police during his second attempt when he handed the security guard a note to pass to Swift.

He was nice and polite to the guards. He was reported to have said, "I'm not here to trespass. I'm just here to deliver this note. If you would kindly give this to Taylor Swift, that's my sole purpose for being here." Mail Online UK reported.

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