Taylor Swift's Dating History: From Joe Jonas to Harry Styles [PHOTOS]

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"Directioners" aren't too happy about the news of Harry Styles dating country crooner, Taylor Swift. In fact, a lot of people in and out of Hollywood have reacted badly to the news of the "Haylor" duo. Well, taking a look back at Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriends, dating Swift actually had a great effect on both parties.

Starting off with Swift's first Hollywood boyfriend, Joe Jonas, Swift might have made it into the music business but it was all thanks to having connections to the one-third of the Jonas Brothers. So Swift immediately rose to the limelight and the same thing can be said about Joe Jonas. Fans were split between pro-Jonas and pro-Swift.

Next Hollywood flame is Taylor Lautner. Taylor Lautner was practically no one in the film industry even with the "Twilight" hype. Everyone pretty much focused on Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Yet, all thanks to Taylor Swift and the "Valentine's Day" film, Lautner's fame skyrocketed. Even Lautner's score among women managed to peak in 2009 from 45% to 53% which is big enough to say.

John Mayer is popular in his own sense but all thanks to Swift's song, "Dear John", his popularity increased. Fans should not forget the face and tabloid time Mayer had all thanks to finally realizing the song Swift had written for him.

Up next is Hollywood big shot in the film business, Jake Gyllenhaal. Gyllenhaal was almost nobody in the industry but all thanks to him dating the young starlet, his Star meter had practically shot up the charts. According to Q scores via E! Online, Jake's score has gone from 19% to 24% among women.

Next would be Patrick Schwarzenegger. Everyone knows about Arnold Schwarzenegger but of course not everybody knows of his kids. Yet, once again all thanks to Swift's "swift" dating, Patrick was thrown into the limelight as soon as news hit off the couple hugging on the beach.

Same thing can be said about Taylor Swift's recent hook-up, Conor Kennedy. The Kennedy's may be famous all over America all thanks to political connections. However, their fame had once again increased upon the news of the famous grandson, Conor, dating equally famous country crooner, Taylor Swift.

Currently, Taylor Swift is now dating Harry Styles. While some may say the "Haylor" duo is set for tragedy, judging from the past relationships, sure a break-up song is set to be created in the near future, but a lot of good luck and popularity percentage increase is in One Directions' star, Harry Styles life.

If anything does go wrong, is that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift really get serious about their relationship.

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