Taylor Swift Wants Niall Horan for Selena Gomez, Believes He is Better than Justin Bieber

By @Ze_Charm on

Remember the ever famous song of the British girl group, the Spice Girls, "if you wanna be my lover you gotta get with my friends," and this is exactly what Niall Horan is doing. The singer has been seen in the company of Swift as he watched her "Red" tour just this February in London. Despite Taylor Swift having gotten over Harry Styles, who is also a close friend of Niall Horan and co band mate, Swift remained close friends with Horan and supports him in his courting of Selena Gomez, Swift's BFF.

Everyone knows that Swift was never a fan of Bieber, Selena's former boyfriend. He has been in a couple of controversial situations, which made him less favorable in the eyes of the "We Are Never Getting Back Together," singer, Swift.

According to reports from hollywoodlife.com, Selena Gomez has been constantly stressed over the immature behavior of Bieber and would do well to be away from him. Is she starting to fall for Niall Horan of One Direction? Fans are definitely voting for a Nilena now because they believe that Niall Horan is the perfect English gentleman for the "Come and Get It" singer. He is close with his family and hasn't been the in the headlines for any raunchy or misbehavior.

Taylor had set her BFF and Horan up to meet in London and the two seemed to have a great time in each other's company, is this the beginning of a romance for the singers? Maybe, it's about time that Selena get a good guy to be there for her.

Niall Horan was linked to English singer Ellie Goulding but reports had cleared that the two are just good friends. Nilena fans, are you ready for Selena Gomez and Niall Horan getting together? Taylor Swift surely is and maybe she is coming up with a song for her two friends. 

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