Taylor Swift Urging Selena Gomez to Sever Ties with Bieber

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Best friends would be there for the other at times when things get rough. For Taylor Swift, the country crooner is being the best one so far for Selena Gomez. Taylor had even gone through heights of stopping Gomez from seeing Bieber.

In fact, rumors are claiming that the clingy BFF is asking Gomez to sever ties with the Canadian crooner for good.

Justin's career may be going good with the debut of his latest album, "Believe: Acoustic." However, outside of his musical career, things are going way out of hand. First off, the singer was snapped smoking weed and after a few weeks he'd been caught with Codeine. Drugs aren't the only issue bothering Justin because news has it he's been sleeping around.

Barbara Palvin isn't the only model said to have been the cause of the famous "Jelena" split. Numerous sources claim Bieber had a quick tryst with model turned reality star, Milyn "Mimi" Jensen. Another insider claims Bieber had been cheating on Gomez for RnB princess, Rihanna.

The stories and rumors go on but Bieber has been paying them no attention at all. However, other people in the business have been keen on all the issues. Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez's BFF, thinks Justin Bieber isn't much of a good influence on her. This has caused Swift to push Selena away from Bieber.

"Taylor would rather Selena break everything off with Justin and believes that will happen in the very near future. Taylor isn't a Justin fan at all. There is just a process that Selena has to go through to have that finally happen and Taylor understands that," claimed the source to Hollywood Life.

As of late, Gomez has been spotted hanging out with Bieber. Fans of the couple are hoping for a reconciliation given they've been spotted together once again. Still, a reconciliation is highly unlikely with reports from E! claiming their relationship is currently "complicated."

On the other hand, Swift is making sure Selena cuts off all ties and moves on from Bieber.

"It takes half the time of a relationship you had with someone to get over the relationship you had with that person. If Taylor can speed things up a little bit by being there for Selena and showing her the fun she can have, then she will gladly do it," continued the insider.

Surely Selena can do better than listen to a girl who had more than five failed relationships.

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