Taylor Swift Rumored to be Dating ‘Divergent’ Star Theo James, Shailene Woodley Getting a bit Jealous?

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Theo James is certainly the man of the hour. After making waves as his character Four in the bestselling Veronica Roth trilogy, "Divergent," Theo is now dubbed as Hollywood's newest heartthrob. The British actor is evidently charismatic during interviews and his charm and knack for humor has made him a fan favorite.

Fans also expected him and co-star Shailene Woodley to be getting along better now since they have just begun filming the second installation to the "Divergent" franchise, "Insurgent." However, according to recent reports another famous celebrity is trying to get Theo James to notice her. Country singer, Taylor Swift has been reported to be making the move on the actor and it is likely that the two might just start dating.

Does this mean that the new dubbed favorite couple, "Sheo" will be competing against "Tayeo?"

According to recent reports, Taylor Swift is trying to get the attention of the "Divergent" actor. Most reports did not state how Taylor Swift would be trying to get the attention of the star but reports say that she is interested in the actor.

Swift surely has a knack for British guys as she formerly dated One Direction singer, Harry Styles. Fans were aware that it didn't go well for the two after the singer called Swift, "a pain in the arse."

With Swift after Theo James, fans can expect Shailene Woodley to become a bit more attached to her "Divergent" co-star in which she shares an onscreen romance together with as well. The second installation has already begun filming and we can expect people and fans of the book to be more excited about the steamy scenes between Tris and Tobias as they try to show how "Divergent" they can be.

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