Taylor Swift Reveals Second and Third Instagram Clue for Upcoming Album

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U.S. Singer Taylor Swift Performs During Her RED Tour in Shanghai
U.S. singer Taylor Swift performs during her RED Tour in Shanghai, May 30, 2014. REUTERS

Taylor Swift is yet to release her fifth studio album. Of course, the country crooner has piqued the interest of her fans by posting a number of clues on her Instagram. All these clues point out to her upcoming album. Here's all there is to know about clue number two and three.

Earlier this week, the 24-year old songstress took to Instagram to post a short video clip which she captioned as: "So, here's your first clue..." The video shows Swift's polished finger pressing the elevator button number 18 repeatedly. Check it out here.

A report by MTV claims the number 18 is a significant detail in Swift's new album. For one, the theories come up as (1) the number of songs on Swift's album, (2) the album would drop on August 18 and (3) Swift's new single will be titled "18."

Yet, all these are mere speculations. Thankfully, Swift dropped two other hints with the second one being an iPhone screenshot showing her cat Olivia Benson and the time 5:00. The photo's caption states: "Cluuuuue number twooooo..." Check it out here. Next is the third clue which shows a screen shot of the search engine, Yahoo which she captioned as: "This is....." Check it out here.

With new clues released by the singer, speculation is that Swift might have partnered with Yahoo! The search engine had recently partnered with the site, Live Nation, for a live stream concert held one day for 365 days. Yahoo! had already released the 30-day preview but Swift wasn't part of the line-up.

However, with Swift's countless clues it could just be possible that the songstress would be part of Yahoo's (third clue) live stream show on August 18 (first clue) at 5:00 PM (second clue). For now, "Swifties" will just have to wait for another clue to be dropped by Swift.

In other TSwift related news, three men charged of throwing bottles at Swift's Rhode Island home were dismissed of charges. Fortunately, Swift was not at the home during the incident. It was Swift's security guard, Ryan Poirier, who had captured footage of the trio namely Michael Horrigan, Emily Kading and Tristan Kading at Swift's residence.

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