Taylor Swift Reaching Out to Selena Gomez, Snubbed by Depressed 'Come and Get It' Singer?

Taylor Swift presents the Vocal Duo of the Year Award on stage at the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas
Taylor Swift presents the Vocal Duo of the Year Award on stage at the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada April 6, 2014. REUTERS/ Robert Galbriath

Taylor Swift is not the bad friend that everyone thinks she was when she fought with Selena Gomez over Justin Bieber. A new report emerges claiming the "Red" singer is still worried sick over Selena Gomez, now more than ever and is trying to reach out to the depressed "Come and Get It" singer. However, Selena Gomez is not quite ready to be friends yet.

One day she will be happy and the next, she'll be in one big fight with Justin Bieber. The news of her unfollowing everyone on Instagram, including the root of all her troubles, Justin Bieber, was enough to escalate the worry everyone has for the once happy and funny Disney star, including Taylor Swift.

It can be remembered that the two lost their friendship over Justin Beiber. Taylor Swift went overboard her friendship boundaries and asked Selena Gomez to choose between her and Justin Bieber. Selena Gomez apparently chose Justin Bieber and thought Taylor Swift was very petty to throw their friendship away just like that.

"Taylor has reached out to Selena a couple of times, but Selena isn't ready to be friends with her again. When Taylor heard she was going through a tough time, and stopped following all her friends on Instagram, she called her and emailed her, but Selena is not in the mood," Hollywood Life shares.

According to the report, Selena Gomez might be a bit unwilling to hear from someone who pushed her away before. "She feels like Taylor is going to say 'told you so.' But Taylor is truly concerned. There's not much more she can do. It's a two way street and Selena needs to make an effort too," the source explains.

Taylor Swift might be now regretting her decision and like everyone else, starting to genuinely worry about Selena Gomez. While Selena Gomez has yet to meet her halfway so that they can be friends again, it is nice to know that Taylor Swift and the rest of her friends and family are willing to be there for Selena Gomez, even though the young singer-actress still does not know where to turn to. She's been with Orlando Bloom a lot lately, presumably crying her heart out, but fans think she needs people who knows her from way before to help her out this time.

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