Taylor Swift Opens Up on 'Haylor' Romance [PHOTOS]

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Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are going steady and by the looks of it the "Haylor" duo will be lasting the year. Country crooner, Swift was quick to open up about the romance and like all her other romances, Swift thinks Harry Styles is "The One." Read on for Swift's all out talk on the One Direction play boy that is Harry Styles.

"It's crazy. He's fantastic. I love him. He just puts you at ease. He's the embodiment of youthful energy. It's really inspiring. He's opening my mind to so many thoughts. Our relationship doesn't feel like a weight," revealed Swift in an interview with The Mirror.

Despite the reputation of Styles being called a play boy and having a knack for pursuing cougars, it surely didn't stop Swift from falling head over heels for the One Direction cutie. "Directioners" might have been protesting against the pair but that isn't stopping the "Haylor" duo from still going public.

"We do normal things, like go out to eat, take pictures and make videos. He's cute, incredibly good looking, smells good and I'm enjoying the flirtation. Meeting him is just one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me. The future, the past, the present, where's this all going? It's like everything. But things are good," continued Swift.

Last week was Swift's 23rd birthday and like every other person, everyone wanted to know what went down that day and how did the "Haylor" duo celebrate? According to Ocean Up, Harry Styles had spent one thousand pounds on Swift's presents. This amount did not include the dinner at George and Dragon at Great Budworth, Cheshire.

Apart from the thousand pounds presents, Styles went on to spend four hundred pounds for Jimmy Choo handbag for Swift. The other presents include 23 cupcakes, antique earrings and Swift's favorite perfume. For those wondering the cost of the cupcakes, Styles spent £38 each cupcake of which he had to pick up in person in a firm at Warrington, Cheshire.

"Harry put a lot of thought into her gifts and really wanted to show her just how special she is to him. The boys teased him about how mushy he's become but he doesn't seem to care," explained the source.

Well, it's obvious why some "Directioners" are so against Swift, they're simply jealous! Swift is one lucky girl and she better make sure this "Haylor" romance lasts longer than her past relationships.

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