Taylor Swift Made USA Olympic Freestyle Skier Torin Blush

By @definemaych on

One of the best freestyle skiers in America, Torin Yater-Wallace just blushed after hearing Taylor Swift say his name in a video.  The Olympic athlete is still in high school and is currently participating in the Sochi Games after being the youngest medallist in the Winter X Games history but what the whole world didn't know was that he has a big crush on the "Red" singer Taylor Swift.

The recent events in the Sochi do not look good for Yater-Wallace after falling on both of his runs in the men's ski halfpipe but still the Olympic athlete has reason to smile when he catches Taylor on a video especially for him. In an exclusive Entertainment Tonight video, Taylor sends out her regards to all the athletes participating in the Sochi but also specifically mentioned Yater-Wallace for his support to the "Red" singer, according to the Us Magazine.

It was found out that X Games athlete likes to listen to Taylor's songs and even does it while he is practicing for his games. "Thanks for listening to my music while you practice. That's Amazing," Taylor said in the video. This brought out the color on the Olympic athlete's face.

Taylor has dated a lot of actors and other artists but has never been linked to an athlete before. Could Yater-Wallace be the first athlete to date the famous Pop singer? The recent rumours on Taylor's failed relationships, especially with Jake Gyllenhaal, were all over the news but the athlete didn't seem to mind.

However, Taylor is one tough cookie and she seems to rise above all the controversies and turn her bad experiences into hit songs. She really has the talent to in song writing because of her wit and great disposition. Well, if she is looking for a new inspiration, Yater-Wallace might be able to share some to her.

The sophomore athlete even shared where he will take the international hit-maker if she ever agreed to have a date with him. He just needs to be careful though, because if he breaks Taylor's heart he might be hearing his story in a chart-topping song.

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