Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss Continue to Hang Out, Ignoring Selena Gomez - Reports

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U.S. Singer Taylor Swift Performs During Her RED Tour in Shanghai
U.S. singer Taylor Swift performs during her RED Tour in Shanghai, May 30, 2014. REUTERS

While Selena Gomez is happy once again in the arms of her beau, Justin Bieber, her BFF Taylor Swift has sought friendship elsewhere. Since the "Jelena" reunion, Swift has yet to be spotted with Gomez. In fact, it appears as if Swift has been ignoring the "Jelena" reunion and has instead been spotted out and about with new BFF, Karlie Kloss.

Looking stylish than ever, Taylor Swift hung out once more with Victoria's Secret model, Karlie Kloss over the weekend. Joining the BFF duo was none other than Amanda Griffith. Swift and Griffith wore striped tops while Kloss opted for a grey fitted dress. The photo of the trio having fun in the sun was uploaded by Swift on her Instagram account which may be seen here.

Apparently, Swift has been spending most of her time with her new BFF, Karlie Kloss. The beautiful BFF's were recently spotted in New York enjoying an afternoon planting flowers last June 13. Since coming home to the Big Apple, Swift has always been spotted with Kloss.

As for Selena Gomez, according to various reports Swift is quite furious and is choosing to ignore her former BFF.

"Taylor is completely baffled that Selena has yet again taken Justin back," states a source to Hollywood Life, adding, "She thinks that Selena is a lost soul and nothing will make her realize how bad Justin is until she no longer has a career. Taylor is convinced that this relationship has and will ruin her health and life, but she is finished with trying to help. She feels like she has tried enough and it hasn't worked."

Given the time Swift has had on her hands since the end of her "Red" tour, not once was she seen with Selena Gomez who happens to be in and out of NYC. Like Swift, Gomez has opted to be around other people of which include JoJo last June 28. Selena also has her share of Victoria's Secret model BFF namely Cara Delevingne and another "It" model, Suki Waterhouse.

With Selena's birthday just a few weeks away, will Taylor Swift be one of the attendees? Fans will just have to wait and see.

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