Taylor Swift and John Mayer Back Together, Humiliating 'Dear John' Song Forgotten?

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Taylor Swift presents the Vocal Duo of the Year Award on stage at the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas
Taylor Swift presents the Vocal Duo of the Year Award on stage at the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada April 6, 2014. REUTERS/ Robert Galbriath REUTERS/ Robert Galbriath

News has been circulating that Taylor Swift and John Mayer are back together. If the reports are true, this will be a first for Taylor Swift. After all, she's the girl who sings about not getting back together. The news sound incredible too considering the "Red" singer has allegedly wrote a humiliating song about John Mayer, entitled "Dear John." For them to reunite must mean that they love each other very much, the John in "Dear John" was not John Mayer and Taylor Swift is not averse to getting back together as long as the guy is worth it.

There are many rumors and speculations as to why the power couple broke up in the first place. One of the rumors was that even though they slept together, this did not stop John Mayer from breaking Swift's heart. Another rumor is that John is reportedly a Lothario who cannot settle with just one girl. Taylor Swift thought she can change him but reality prevails: "no one can change anyone overnight and if the person does not want to be changed."

When Mayer and Swift broke up, John was not too nice and honest about his role in the breakup. He certainly refused to take responsibility for breaking the country pop crooner's heart. When "Dear John" came out, he even had the audacity to say the song cannot be about him because the song is humiliating.

Now that there's news of their reconciliation, maybe John Mayer was saying the truth. He cannot be the guy that Taylor Swift wrote a humiliating song about or else, why would they be going back to each other's arms? Taylor Swift for one is against toxic relationships. She issued an ultimatum to Selena Gomez when she heard her BFF was going back to Justin Bieber, the epitome of a guy that has commitment issues. Their friendship was ruined because Selena Gomez did not heed her advice and throw her ultimatum back into her face. For Taylor Swift to do the same and go back to a guy that she wrote a humiliating song about seems too incredible to be true. Not for someone as level-headed as Taylor Swift.

Whether or not they are truly reuniting, Taylor Swift does deserve the happiness she is seeking. Her recent relationships did not pan out as she hoped, but could John Mayer indeed be her destiny?

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