Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Spend Third Night Together

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Things are getting really serious between Taylor Swift and Harry Styles because fact is Styles has spent the third night with Swift. As the popular saying goes, "Three times the charm", things are heating up with the "Haylor" duo. Yet, what's all this talk about their relationship becoming a "tragic fallout?"

Who would have thought Taylor Swift would be Harry Styles' girlfriend? Well, no one in the "Directioners" foresaw that nor did anybody think it would have been possible. Yet, here is the "Haylor" duo screaming in everyone's faces.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have kept pretty mum about their relationship for the past few months. However, now it seems the couple is ready to go all out about their love. Swift was recently spotted hanging out with Styles at the New York Central Park. Afterwards, the couple was spotted grabbing dinner with Ed Sheeran, Harry's mom and stepdad.

While some had thought the day ended for the two then, it was not. Harry Styles was spotted exiting the same New York Hotel where Swift was staying at. Right after the One Direction gig at Madison Square Garden, the "Haylor" duo enjoyed a night of karaoke with Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik.

Once more, the night didn't end there because the "Haylor" duo was spotted heading home at 4am. Again, the next day, Harry was seen doing the exact same routine of exiting Taylor Swift's New York City Hotel. So counting the nights spent, Taylor and Harry have spent two consecutive nights together. Yet, some sources claim Swift & Styles has done the sleep-over thrice already.

"Harry stayed at her hotel on Saturday night. He sneaked in late, and then they went to the zoo together the next day," reveals the source, adding a few tidbits of their date, "They're cool together. Before they got into their car, some fans asked for a picture and they both got in for one. Taylor was like 'let's all get in for a group shot.'"

While it may look all lovey-dovey for adoring fans, some "Directioners" are quick to judge claiming the relationship spells tragedy. Even sources claim Harry is simply a rebound for Swift.

"Taylor calls him her boyfriend, but it's in the early stages. It's the same Taylor story. It has tragedy written all over it," says the insider to US Weekly.

"The breakup with Conor Kennedy was easy because she already had Harry in mind. They have a lot in common. Harry is superclose with his mom and grateful for what he has. He is a good guy. Once he likes a girl, he's all in. Harry is very romantic: long emails, surprise gifts, meticulously planned dates," added the source.

It's a bit too early to judge the fallout of such a cute relationship. For now, all lovers and haters of the "Haylor" duo can simply sit back, watch and wait. Two great things always come out of a Taylor Swift relationship - another great album and awesome Billboard break-up songs.

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