Taylor Swift Handcrafts Drake-Needlepoint For Ed Sheeran, Ed Sheeran Frames And Shows It Off On '9 Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran'

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U.S. Singer Taylor Swift Performs During Her RED Tour in Shanghai
U.S. singer Taylor Swift performs during her RED Tour in Shanghai, May 30, 2014. REUTERS

Ed Sheeran received a Drake-inspired needlepoint gift from Taylor Swift which he treasured by framing it and then showing it off on MTV for everyone to see.

Apparently, Taylor Swift is not just good at singing, reports MTV. As a sign of friendship, Taylor gave Ed Sheeran a Drake-needlepoint she herself handcrafted. MTV describes the Drake-needlepoint as a "rustic, somewhat rudimentary yet a conceptually adorable" representation of their friendship (see photo from Vulture).The needlepoint quoted rapper Drake's maxim "Started From the Bottom" (thus it's called Drake-needlepoint) and the saying "the struggle is real."

Ed Sheeran was so touched by Taylor Swift's gesture that he decided to frame the Drake-needlepoint. After which he hang the framed needlepoint on his wall for everyone to see. Ed Sheeran also showed it off in his MTV documentary "9 Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran," where he talks about his "charmed and surreal life."

On Tuesday, June 9, MTV tweeted the story on the Drake-needlepoint Taylor Swift gave to Ed Sheeran. Taylor Swift was apparently surprised, according to Entertainment Weekly, when she learned it's not usually normal to give needlepoint as a best friend souvenir.

Ed Sheeran promptly replied to Taylor Swift on Twitter.

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran had made their friendship public by appearing in shows together. Last year, Ed Sheeran joined as a opening act in Taylor Swift's "The Red Tour" Show in North America. Both singers also made a song together entitled "Everything Has Changed."

Taylor Swift was also spotted hanging out with Ed Sheeran during Oscar night, sparking rumours they are dating. However, Ed denied the rumours, reports capitalfm.

"Taylor's one of these people that if you piss her off and she writes a song about you, it's not good news for you," Ed said. "I've never dated Taylor. I've dated a few singers, though," he added.

Ed Sheeran also quoted Taylor Swift on what she said regarding their friendship.

"She was just like, 'Whatever happens, ever, between us as friends, I never want to piss you off that much,'" he explained.

MTV thinks the Ed-Sheeran-and-Taylor-Swift friendship is just too cute. Apparently, not just MTV but also Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran fans as well. They took to Twitter to declare how cute it is that Taylor Swift gave the Drake-needlepoint to Ed Sheeran as a gesture of their friendship.

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