Taylor Swift Eyes Next Boyfriend Material: The Lumineers [PHOTOS]


Taylor Swift has found another potential boyfriend in sight. After Swift's untimely split from Harry Styles of One Direction, Taylor has moved on in just weeks and has another target heart to break. Though with four guys in The Lumineers, who among them is Swift currently eyeing?

After making things crystal clear with Styles at the Grammy Awards that they'd "Never Ever Get Back Together", Swift is ready to fall in love with another singer. So who is the un-lucky guy set to be the inspiration for the country crooner's next hit?

"Taylor would love to date one one of the guys from The Lumineers," says a source close to Swift, adding, "She's embarrassed about all of the Harry drama, and is definitely looking for someone who is more down-to-earth and away from the Hollywood lifestyle. She thinks they are all cute and talented, and she loves their album. Their country vibe is great and she thinks it would be a good mix."

For those who have only heard of the four-folk singers, The Lumineers came all the way from Denver. The band consists of Jeremiah Fraites, Wesley Schultz, Ben Wahamaki, Neyla Pekarek and Stelth Ulvang. The band was nominated for Best New Artist back at the 2013 Grammy Awards however they had lost the award to Fun.

So who among the four guys in the group is Swift locked on? Wesley and Jeremiah are currently in a relationship but Ben and Stelth are single. Still, even if these guys are single, would they even bother dating Swift who has gotten a reputation from "serial dating?" Is Swift a risk the boys of The Lumineers should take?

Lately, Swift has been getting a lot of hate especially from "Directioners" after the stunt she pulled at the Grammy Awards. A lot of Hollywood celebrities have also bashed Swift on her "dating dilemmas." The country crooner had even been compared to Grammy Award winner, Adele who is ironically the same age as Swift. Adele may be mature as a 23-year old but Swift is one 12-year old stuck in a 23-year old body who thinks bashing ex-boyfriends in songs is cool. 

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