Taylor Swift & Emma Watson Out to Get Robert Pattinson from KStew?

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Kristen Stewart better be watching her back and keeping her claws tight on Robert Pattinson. Rumor has it that the 22-year-old English actress and model,  Emma Watson is trying to steal the" Twilight" star, Robert Pattinson from the cheater, Krsiten Stewart. Plus, some even say Taylor Swift is joining in on the plans.

Watson and Pattinson have met and been together longer than Kstew due to some "Harry Potter" films. Given that fact, there is a slighlty big chance that two could end up together, right? Just like other girls, Stewart "can be very jealous and possesive" a source told Heat.

"Rob has commented before on how cute he thinks Emma is, of which is one of the reasons why Stewart is a bit insecure to Watson and they could "have more in common,""explains the source.

Another reason is, Pattinson and Watson, (see it rhymes) are set to be co-stars once again in the forthcoming remake of the 2001 films, "Dark Arc."

Stewart considers Watson "a threat" and was personally insulted by Watson's "Twilight" comments that unlike the "Harry Potter" series, "Twilight" was all about selling sex.

"She hates being thought of as a sex symbol or being valued for that over her talent, so Emma got her right where it hurts," said a source to a magazine.

It's difficult to compare both actresses given the buzz about them being equally talented and beautiful. Yet, surely if fans had to pick it would be an all new different war over "Harry Potter" and "Twilight" once again.

With all this so-called debauchery of "Twilight" as stated by Watson, what did the Lancome sweetheart have to say?

"Absurd and totally fabricated," said a spokeswoman of the British actress.

"Just wanted to say don't believe everything you read. Not mentioning any names... but why spoil a good story with a few facts, hey?!" tweeted Emma Watson.

Apart from the hilarious news of Watson wanting to steal Pattinson away, another rumor has it that another blonde beauty is planning to take Pattinson away from Stewart. Who would it be? It would be none other than country crooner, Taylor Swift. Rumor has it that the newly-single singer has been texting Pattinson non-stop asking him to hook up.

"Rob's ready to play the field... [Swift] would be a fantastic revenge fling if nothing else," said a source. Surely, fans can already imagine the songs Taylor Swift could write about Robert Pattinson.

Representatives of Swift still have not spoken up regarding the rumors. With that said, which team will Hollywood fans be on: Team Emma, Team Taylor or Team Kristen?

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