Taylor Swift Dubbed as 'Biggest Celebrity Player' by Radio Fans: Beating Womanizing John Mayer?

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Taylor Swift is allegedly depressed over being single. Reuters

The past relationships of country songstress Taylor Swift and her songs have always been speculated to be connected. As most of her past relationships are only short term, the public is viewing the blond singer and songwriter as the "Biggest Celebrity Player "as reported by the Hollywood Reporter. The strange survey was apparently taken by iHeartRadio, asking their listeners the "Most Unfairly Hated/Mocked," "Country Music's It Couple," and "Biggest Celebrity Player" among others.

Many have felt that Taylor Swift songs reflect much of her past relationships and how she has grieved and moved on from one guy to the other. The surprising result of the survey is not only that Taylor topped the list but also that one of her former lovers also made the list. It is no other than John Mayer.

The recording artists and "Your Body is a Wonderland" singer is not only in the list but also ranks second to his ex-girlfriend. The pair has not been together after their rumoured fall out but was listed in the same category by avid listeners of iHeartRadio. The two singers have made songs that were connected with the other which might spark speculations of the two getting back together since they are now both single.

Mayer who has written and collaborated with Taylor in the song "Half of My Heart" is still recuperating from his recent heartbreak with the then fiancée Katy Perry. The "Red" singer, on the other hand, has been seen by many enjoying her time alone in the busy streets of New York and seems to not mind being single at the moment.

Taylor might even stay for a while in New York, Hollywood insiders say, as she takes in the art and fashion of the place. She has not responded to the iHeartRadio survey but she does like to spend her time giving love and care to children confined in the hospital as she made a surprise appearance in Hasbro Children's Hospital.

Many of her fans still think that the singer is one to not play with other people's hearts. However, she might not be lucky in love though, most people say.

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