Taylor Swift Dating Conor Kennedy?

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Half of the world is busy talking about the "Robsten" duo finally breaking up that they fail to realize one other beauty is busy going on a dating spree. Just last month, the famous country crooner was spotted on a lunch date with Mark Foster of "Foster the People."

A few weeks ago it was an Independence Day date with Patrick Schwarzenegger. Now, it's all Swift and Kennedy.

Taylor Swift is known not only for her amazing music, but with her "swift" dating skills as well. The Grammy Award-winning singer has a flame history with Jo Jonas of the "Jonas Brothers," Taylor Lautner, and John Mayer. Now, three other names can be added to the list of "swift" fall-outs. The first would be Mark Foster.

Earlier in May, Taylor Swift was spotted enjoying a lunch date with "Foster the People's" front man at El Lay's Café Roma. Though there weren't any paparazzi photos taken of Swift and Foster holding hands, their stances together say a lot.

Months after the quick date with Mark Foster, Swift was spotted caught in an embrace with Arnold Schwarzenegger's son, Patrick Schwarzenegger. Taylor spent her Fourth of July with Schwarzenegger's family and from the looks of it, "sparks flew" high that night.  It would have been an awesome end to Swift's "swift" dating moves to be paired with Patrick Schwarzenegger but Swift had better "boyfriends" in mind.

Just recently, Swift was seen leaving the Marcella's Pizza restaurant at Mount Kisco with Conor Kennedy. The country crooner definitely scores high on men she dates because Kennedy is none other than the son of Robert Kennedy Jr. Ironically though Kennedy is related to Patrick Schwarzenegger, being the cousin of the family. Surely, there wouldn't be any bad blood between them sharing one woman?

Hopefully, none of these fine three men end up being the inspiration behind Swift's next billboard hit. Like Lautner and Mayer, both celebrities had to suffer the wrath of a heartbroken country singer which didn't really lead to anything good for them but a lot of Grammy awards for Swift.

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