Taylor Swift Attends Vanity Fair Pre Oscar Bash,Ignores Selena Gomez: The Truth Behind The Royal Snub


Taylor Swift allegedly ignored BFF Selena Gomez at the Pre-Oscars Vanity Fair party. Here are all the details of Swift's alleged turning her back to Selena.

Taylor Swift Royal Snub of Selena—The Truth

On March 2 Vanity Fair Oscar party, it was reported that Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift allegedly did not exchange a singe word with each other, and the media was shocked not to see a single picture of the BFF's together. This has led to speculation that things have gone kaput between Swift and Gomez. However, contrary to conjectures, a source has revealed that they are cool with each other and were just having their own good time.

"They did interact briefly with pleasantries, but were also separate for most of the night while they were there. There are so many celebrities there, and things happening, that they both were too busy with their own night," a source revealed to Hollywoodlife. "They didn't really connect because they were hanging out in their own worlds," the source added.

During the party, Selena Gomez was seen hanging out with Vanessa Hudgens. Vanessa and Selena have apparently developed a thick friendship since Selena broke up with Justin Bieber after briefly reuniting with him in the month of January.

It was Vanessa who gave Selena her shoulder to cry on when the latter was disturbed with rumours of Justin Bieber's alleged romance with Chantel Jefferies.

But the good things is Selena and Taylor Swift are no longer battling over Justin Bieber. The two BFF's were making sure that during the party they could interact with as many people as possible as such parties are great in making connections.

"When you mingle at that party, it's hard to bounce around and get involved in other conversations with people you usually hang out with," the source explained. "The Vanity Fair party is all about business and talking to people you usually don't have the chance to mingle with. Selena and Taylor are totally cool with each other, no feud," the source added.

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