Taylor Swift Allegedly 'Using' Harry Styles?

By @ibtimesau on

"Directioners" are hell bent on separating the famous "Haylor" duo. It seems as everyone is jealous over Taylor Swift for managing to bag the infamous playboy of One Direction, Harry Styles to the sense of creating lies out of anything and everything. So what is new in the rumor mill about "Haylor?" Apparently, Taylor Swift is simply "using" the 18-year old British singer.

Swift is known for many things and a lot of haters have dubbed her as a user for jumping from one guy to another. Well, such news is not surprising given just months ago Swift was happy and in love with Conor Kennedy then suddenly shifted to One Direction's Harry Styles.

While the "Haylor" love is so much believable judging from the photos taken of the pair, a lot of relationship critics claim the love is false and Swift has plans in mind.

"Taylor Swift very calculated when it comes to dating the right men. Taylor Swift wants to break into pop music from country. She uses men to push her career forward," claims the source.

Another source goes on to claim that Swift is using Styles in an attempt to make Conor Kennedy jealous and want her back.

"Swift is faking her relationship with One Direction member Harry Styles in an attempt to make ex-boyfriend Conor Kennedy jealous and hopefully push him back into her arms!" said the source to Hollywood Life,

"[Swift] isn't denying in any way the reports of the people talking about her having a relationship with Harry because she wants to make Conor jealous and the way she thinks she is making him jealous is to show him that she has options, but in reality, she actually wants Conor and is just doing this to 'Wear the pants in the situation!' She has no interest in making the Harry thing work."

To clear all the rumors up, Swift is not using Styles for anything. Before Conor and Taylor had broken up, they had promised to still be the best of friends. "Directioners" can quit believing such preposterous stories and be simply glad that Styles has finally settled down with a girl close to his age group.

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