Tasmania Bushfire: Police Braces for Deaths [PHOTOS]

Tasmania Bushfires Missing, Found


Tasmania Police Inspector John Arnold confirmed that majority of the 100 names listed on the missing persons list were finally located amidst the horrible Tasmania bushfire. According to ABC Radio reports, Inspector Arnold also declared that there is no death report yet based on the information that the police currently have.

Bryan Green, the acting Tasmanian Premier, is praying hard that there will be no fatalities recorded because of the tragic incident. "I hope from the bottom of my heart that nobody has lost their lives through the fire, we will just have to wait for police to make those assessments," Green stated.

"We're hoping very much along with everyone else that there won't be any deaths but we need to go through the process to confirm that there hasn't been,'' Green further added.

However, acting Police Commissioner Scott Tilyard fears the possibility of someone dying from the Tasmania bushfire. "It is a very distinct possibility still and I think people need to brace themselves that that may occur. Whilst we have had no known deaths associated with these fires at this particular point in time, I want to make it quite clear that it is still far too early to confirm that that is not the case," Commissioner Tilyard affirmed.

According to the Tasmanian Fire Service, the bushfire had already been greatly controlled due to calmer weather. It is now anticipated that firefighters can focus on the control lines to further diminish the fire spread.   

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard appeared at the Tasmanian Fire Service control center to check on the gravity of the situation. The Prime Minister will reportedly visit the town of Dunalley where the fire disaster destroyed over 85 properties as well as the other affected nearby towns.

The 60,000 hectare fire through Tasmania's south-west wilderness has also affected and covered Hobart with bushfire smoke. The Insurance Council of Australia will still determine the total cost of the bushfire damage that also burned down the properties close to Bicheno on the state's east coast.

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