‘Tappingo 2' For Nintendo 3DS Set For Release On Sept. 4, 2014 [WATCH VIDEO]

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Nintendo 3DS Handheld Game Console
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"Tappingo 2" for Nintendo 3DS which will be released on Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014, is a single player puzzle game that consists of pixel arts, numbered blocks and lines. It is created by Hugo Smits ("Color Commando," "Ace Mathician" and "Flipper") and developed by Goodbye Galaxy Games. It is published by Circle Entertainment. Read on to learn more about it.

According to  Goodbye Galaxy Games, "Tappingo 2" for Nintendo 3DS has 100 puzzles with big and small grids. It is made even more challenging because the game keeps track of how long a player takes to solve the puzzle.

How To Play "Tappingo 2" For Nintendo 3DS:

1.       Extend the colored number blocks into lines.

2.       Make sure to take note of the number on the blocks because this tells the player what length the line should extend to. For example, if 1 is indicated, then the block should be extended to 1 tile only.

3.       Once the number on the block is changed to OK, then it means that the player is on the right path.

4.       Keep in mind that the lines will not stop extending unless it hits a gray block, another line or the edge of the screen.

5.       The puzzle is solved when all the numbered blocks have the OK sign.

Some of the puzzle pixel art designs include animals like an octopus or a penguin and food such as a hamburger, a slice of watermelon or a piece of banana. There are also some puzzles that feature the Nintendo Gameboy or a Nintendo game controller for one of its video game consoles.

Smits designed "Tappingo 2" For Nintendo 3DS including the puzzles, art, basic programming and tools. Péteri Szilárd was responsible for the main programming while Danny Flexner created the game's puzzle pixel art. As for the game's catchy music, it is done by Wiklund. Click HERE to view the "Tappingo 2" logo and its screenshots from Nintendo.

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Watch The Nintendo eShop - "Tappingo 2" for Nintendo 3DS E3 Trailer Below:

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