Tampon Twitter Feud: Ariana Grande Fights Back [PHOTOS & VIDEO]


Ariana Grande is famous in her own right all thanks to Nickelodeon and the show "Victorious" where she stars alongside Victoria Justice. The lovely redhead was also known to have been dating "Hunger Games" hunk, Josh Hutcherson back in 2012. This would only prove that Ariana is quite popular but that doesn't seem to be the case for a certain Twitter teenager who picked a fight on the star over a disgusting tampon video.

It's a tampon-fueled Twitter feud that blew over in just minutes with the tweets already screen captured and posted on Tumblr plus Facebook. How did the fight even start? First off, who is Giovanna Plowman?

Ironically, Giovanna is a self-proclaimed star who had posted a disgusting five minute video of her eating her own used tampon. In reasons beyond human comprehension, the star managed to gain quite a few followers on Twitter all thanks to abhorrent video. With a head so big, Giovanna thought it would be wise to pick on Nickelodeon star, Ariana Grande.

"Why is ariana grande even famous? Or should I say well known?" asked the Twitter user to which Ariana Granda had replied with, "@ItsGiovannaP Not for eating my own used tampon, that's for damn sure."

Ariana's reply, witty one at that, had over 16 thousand retweets and 13 thousand favorites. This however didn't bid well with the self-proclaimed Twitter star. Giovanna went on to pull her chair higher up in the air with her tweets aimed at Ariana Grande.

"Get some t***, and get famous, then come back to me. bye. YOU're not on MY level," said the resident of Buffalo, New York to Grande which was followed up by a few more.

"smh..ariana is trending thanks to me, i'm making this girl famous. shame on me. no one acually knows her," stated Giovanna, while another tweet said, "YOU got ur followers from me your stupid. you prolly jumping in your bed and screaming 'OMG GIOVANNA TWEETED ME OMG OMG.'"

For one, Giovanna surely has her head screwed on wrong which would probably be connected to her eating a used tampon. Plowman's Twitter account remains to be unverified which could mean it's a fake account simply aimed to bash Ariana Grande.

Following the offensive tweets by Plowman, Grande had released a video about Cyber bullying. Hopefully, Giovanna gets the message because the only person who finds her video the least bit entertaining is herself.

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