Tampon Girl Suicide: Twitter Users React to Reports on Giovanna Plowman’s Alleged Death


Social networking sites like "Twitter" are currently creating noise once more as users react on the news about "Tampon Girl" Giovanna Plowman's alleged suicide. Giovanna's death has not yet been verified true but recent reports suggest that it is another stunt of the Buffalo teenager to gain more fame.

Who could ever forget the 15-year-old New York City teenager after she posted the disturbing video of herself eating a used tampon? Giovanna Plowman is obviously desperate becoming famous that she conducted such disgusting act just to be recognized.

Internet discussion began whether the "Tampon Girl" video was authentic or just a practical joke after it was released. Now, the Giovanna Plowman suicide reports gave the same effect to the social networking site users as they posted their reactions, for instance, on "Twitter."

"uhm so did Giovanna plowman really commit suicide or is she just trying to get more followers?" Twitter user @ClaudiaChalecki wrote. Other reports suggest that Giovanna Plowman committed suicide because she could no longer handle all of the bullying and negative comments about her.

However, social media users are still frankly expressing their opinion over the tampon scandal.  "i wouldn't feel any remorse if i was the cause to push giovanna plowman to her suicide," Twitter user @annasteezyy posted.

Another Twitter user, @ChinaaDoll__, wrote this message: "Did Giovanna Plowman really commit suicide? Why would she make a video of her eating her tampon & not being able to handle the comments?"

The suicide news came from Giovanna Plowman's Twitter account, @TheGiovannaP, where the teenager's mom posted the message. It reads: "Hello this is Giovanna mom. I'm very sorry to say that Giovanna has commit suicide on 1/27 at 8:17. I'm extremely upset with all the hate she got."

Other Twitter users pondered on the parenting responsibilities of Giovanna's mother and even attacked her on how she raised her daughter. "If I was Giovanna Plowman's mother I'd slap her till she was purple," Twitter user @NanyyLolih posted.

@Hannah_Niemann6 wrote "I wonder what Giovanna Plowman's mother thinks of her actions... I'd disown her" while Twitter user @flowertattoo_ posted the message "Giovanna Plowman should crawl back into her mother's womb and for the love of God, stay there."

Meanwhile, a number of "R.I.P. Giovanna Plowman" pages surfaced on Facebook after the alleged suicide reports of the internet star.

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