Tampon Girl Giovanna Plowman Married to Dino Bruscia on Facebook


The story on "Tampon Girl" Giovanna Plowman just got more controversial. The Buffalo teenager made an announcement through "Facebook" that she is married to Dino Bruscia, another New York teenager with a video of himself eating his own poop.

The 15-year-old Giovanna Plowman became well-known for her disgusting stunt on the internet as she proudly filmed herself eating the used tampon. On the other hand, Dino Bruscia became controversial for his disturbing act of eating his own poop and even announced it on his "Twitter" account.

"Yeah im the one who ate his own poop with ice cream and sprinkles. Shut up lol. It was hella good!!!" Twitter user account @dinobruscia0420 posted.

Initially, Dino Bruscia was upset with Giovanna Plowman's sudden fame. He wrote on his Twitter account @dinobruscia0420: "Still trying to overcome the fact a b---h who sends all her nude parts eats a tampon with blood out famed me in 1 day."

Now, it appears that the idea of collaborating would greatly help them with their stardom on the social networking sites. The duo protects and defends each other on "Facebook" and "Twitter" from their numerous haters who are clearly disturbed with their actions. "No fetish. I just like to eat poop with ice cream and she likes bloody tampons! Let us be!!" Bruscia posted.

Once again, online users expressed their opinion about the marriage announcement between Giovanna Plowman and Dino Bruscia. Twitter user @eguid wrote: "Just heard about Giovanna Plowman and Dino Bruscia. I'm disgusted."

"Giovanna Plowman and Dino Bruscia are a messed up couple. The F*** is wrong with them?" another Twitter user, @l33hle, posted.

Despite the controversial stunts and negative comments, Giovanna and Dino still gathered numerous followers on Facebook and Twitter. "Tampon Girl" has 230,000 Facebook fans and over 59,000 Twitter followers while "Poop Guy" has 23,000 Facebook fans and more than 2,000 Twitter followers.

Meanwhile, the controversial couple is reportedly after a woman who allegedly released a video of herself having sex with a dog to outshine the New York teenagers'internet stunt. According to Gawker reports, Giovanna Plowman reacted about the video stunt on her Facebook page.

"Who is this b**h who got f***ed by a dog and sucked its d**k? Trying to out do me sweetie? Dont think so your ratchet as f**k and that's animal cruelty. What i did was gross yea but you just took s**t to a whole new level!" Plowman stated.

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