Tampon Girl Giovanna Plowman Blazes Trail for Japanese Condom Ice Cream Girls? [VIDEO, PHOTO]

  @jotfields on February 19 2013 5:36 PM

Giovanna Plowman aka Tampon Girl shocked social media users when she sucked on her own used tampon following a dare. Now a duo of Japanese girls is on the same trail of "internet fame" over a raunchy video involving condom ice cream.

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Tampon Girl Giovanna Plowman Blazes Trail for Japanese Condom Ice Cream Girls? (Image: YouTube)

The Tampon Girl fame (or infamy) was soon followed by a video of Alyssa Rosales aka Dog Girl, who filmed her own sexual encounter with a dog. (If your jaw dropped, you must have not received the memos on these viral videos a month ago.) Plowman had a fight with Rosales over popularity claims.

But Plowman made friends with Dino Bruscia, the boy who ate his own poop with ice cream. Now there is a new strange video going viral and making rounds on various social media channels: the Japanese Condom Ice Cream girls.

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Suggestive NSFW Viral Video: Japanese Condom Ice Cream Girls

Follow this link for the NSFW (not safe for work) video of two girls having their own kind of fun with condom ice cream.

The rather raunchy video has so far gathered over 200,000 views on YouTube, and it is going down the trail that Giovanna Plowman has blazed with her infamous Tampon Girl clip.

The video description states: "The highest number of unintentional sexual innuendos you'll ever find in one place." This one is far less shocking (or less gross, depending on who's viewing) than the Tampon Girl video, but it can draw the same age group of social media users. (Parents, you have been warned.)


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