'Tampon Girl' Giovanna Plowman to Appear on MTV and Ellen DeGeneres Show? [PHOTOS]


The name Giovanna Plowman plus the image of her face can be constantly seen on the computer screens through the World Wide Web.  Now, it appears that the "Tampon Girl" is ready to dominate and be viewed on the television screen.

Giovanna personally claimed that she will still hang around after the explosive scandal that she did on the internet. "What i did was stupid...but SO WHAT?! i'm famous for that, ill be on ellen, ill get verified, i'm getting money to show up at some parties!!" the 15-year-old teenager from Buffalo, New York City posted on the Twitter account @ItsGiovannaP.

The controversy that Giovanna Plowman created greatly helped in her aspiration to become famous. "Tampon Girl" is ironically proud of her disgusting stunt and even broadcasted on her Facebook account that she is getting recognized and television shows are asking her to make a guest appearance.

"OMG! SO I JUST FOUND OUT IM GOING TO BE ON TOSH.O!!! one of daniel tosh's agents got ahold of me and said they would love to have me and my video on there show! This is amazing. Like i never thought it would get this big. And ofcourse ill be going," Giovanna excitedly wrote.

Television host Daniel Tosh is known for presenting the most interesting viral news on the internet that covers from the being silly to the shockingly disgusting story ever found. Some people believe that Giovanna's claims about appearing on the television shows like Ellen DeGeneres or Tosh.0 is nothing but a story made up in order to become more famous.

Twitter account @TweetLikeAGirI posted an image that suggests about a possible Giovanna Plowman appearance on the MTV show "True Life." @TweetLikeAGirI wrote as a caption on the attached image file: "Looks like MTV is working with Giovanna Plowman on her new show."

Meanwhile, Giovanna Plowman still remains unfazed with her tampon-eating stunt which is now described as the worst behavior ever. The teenager posted this message on her Facebook account about her controversial video:

"Have you ever watched jackass? Fear factor? Jersey shore? I know you all have. Its okay for them to get famous from eating and doing such stupid stuff or being sluts and partying hard. But i eat a tampon and get so much hate? It makes no sense. Just because im a girl and ate something gross and got famous you hate on me? Im a real nice girl. Dont start drama and i have only ever had one boyfriend? Please tell me how im a slut. Smh idgaf about you haters ill shine on with or with out you!"

It has not yet been officially confirmed that the "Tampon Girl" will make a guest appearance on the said television shows. If it does happen, just imagine what it would be like to interview an attention-seeking person like Giovanna Plowman.

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