Tablet PC Revolution: What iPad Mini 2, Google Nexus 7.2, Amazon Kindle Fire HD Have on Their Sleeves

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Tablets with personal computer capacities slowly penetrate the markets these days. Amazon started lowering the price for Kindle Fire HD which can only mean an upgraded version will come soon. Likewise, the market is also anticipating highly the release of Apple's iPad Mini 2 and Google's Nexus 7.2 Tablet PC revolution is just down the pipe.

One report noted the possible delay of Apple's iPad Mini 2 which gives Google and Amazon more market room. Nexus 7.2 can grab a huge market share considering the hype on the new product and the success of the previous one.

With a very competitive and saturated market, prices cuts make the difference. Anything less or discounted often catch the attention of consumers. Mobile computing has a very diverse and large market. Catering accordingly is a must. Currently, Amazon slashed $30 from its Kindle Fire HD line. Kindle Fire HD marks the company's entry into mobile computing and tablet industry.

Aside from the possible release of an upgraded version, Kindle's price cut can be linked also to price cuts of the Slate Android tablet from Barnes and Nobles. During the first quarter, Amazon's Kindle Fire HD 8.9 went through a price cut already. The device was priced at $299 before going down to $269. It is the same with the regular 9.7-inch iPad.

With the release of one of the biggest competitors around, Google Nexus 7.2, it is only necessary for Amazon to lower prices. Asus will be backing up Google on second installment of Nexus 7 making it a formidable product on the market once released.

The demand for tablets with optimal computing performance has increased throughout the years. People are more particular with portability plus computing efficiency. It will be a battle of tablet PCs in no time. 

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