T-Mobile Offers iPhone; Firefox Adds Retina Display

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T-Mobile is the last among four major U.S. network carriers to begin official offers of the famous iOS device - the iPhone. The said network has 1.9 million iPhone units running on T-Mobile network and will make its launch later this year. The carrier will begin selling iPhone within the next three to four months.

Previously, T-Mobile has been disrupted by spectrum incompatibilities that prevented the iPhone and other popular devices from running at the fastest possible data speeds using the network. The network carrier put a lot of efforts to fix this and reassure the stability of iPhone and T-Mobile spectrum compatibility.

The high-speed HSDA+ network using 1900MHz band currently now supports the iPhone. T-Mobile launched in 2012 a campaign called Bring Your Own iPhone to attract more customers using iPhone demo units in their stores with new apps to help iPhone owners to include T-Mobile to their choices.

T-Mobile is making aggressive moves to close acquisition and partnership with MetroPCS, Dish Network, and prepaid carrier Leap Wireless.

In other Mac news, Mozilla added Retina support for Apple's line of Retina MacBook Pros with their version 18 of the browser. This update has already been implemented by other web browsers such as Safari, Opera and Google Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox is the last major browser to include this Retina update which will solve the Web site's text and images appearing fuzzy and difficult to read caused by the lack of Retina support.

The Firefox 18 with Retina support updates and fixes include:

-         Increased JavaScript performance via IonMonkey compiler

-         Retina display support on OS X 10.7 and up

-         Better image quality

-         Improved performance for tab switching

-         Startup time improvement

-         Improved responsiveness.

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