Sydney's Community TV Launches New Reality Show with Fancy Cars, Half Naked Women

TVS Runs 'Flesh Air'
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Imagine: flash cars, a world-renowned airbrush artist, and women with undergarments, which are "barely-there;" now what could they do in one reality television show?

For 30 years, world-class airbrust Penrith artist Wayne Harrison has created art for the masses, painting everything from Harley Davidsons to jumbo jets. Now he is off to showcase his talent on television through a reality show that is seen to intrigue the audience at least initially.

On the TV show Flesh Air, Harrison is expected to create a world-famous calendar showcasing his art- works on the human body. The reality show will allow him to document his art in ways he has never done before. At the same time, the audience is about to watch something new on television, only there will be a lot of painting.

Harrison is not doing the TV show alone, of course. Though he conceived the concept, he wanted to choose who to work with if the idea actually flies. This in mind over bottles of beer, Harrison proposed a collaboration with celebrity photographer David Anderson to realize his vision.

"We wanted to get our art out there in the form of a TV show, to show off what we can do," Harrison said.

He spent two hours painting model Natalie Robinson, 21, with a spectacular island.

"It's a great experience. It's nothing like other types of modelling," Robinson said.

TVS CEO Rachel Bentley expressed hopes that the new program will be well-received, saying that after seeing an episode, "watching paint dry will never be boring again."

"Flesh Air viewers can expect something that has never been seen on local TV screens before... It really is a celebration of car culture and from our point of view it is a unique, novel and exciting program," Bentley said.

Flesh Air premiers on October 13 at 9.30pm.



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