Sydney Man Beheads Own Father During Family Feud; 10 Famous People Who Were Decapitated (VIDEOS)

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Sydney police arrested on Thursday Khoder Zahab, 42, at the family residence in Bankstown for the death of his father, Toufic Zahab, 69. Khoder allegedly killed his father and even beheaded him.

Besides the murder charge, Khoder was also charged with assaulting police and common assault after he struggled with the officers. He was denied bail by the Burwood Local Court and ordered to show up on April 10.

Reports said that Khoder attacked his father with a brick and a knife on Thursday morning. The son actually lived in Villawood and came over on Wednesday for dinner with his parents and stayed for the night, although his parents initially did not want him to stay overnight.

Khoder first attacked his mother and attempted to push her down the stairs, prompting the father to step in which led to Khoder's attack on his father.

Abdul, a grandson of the victim, disclosed that Khoder had mental disorder that is occasionally triggered. Other kinsmen said that Khoder is a heavy drug user.

He said the family is devastated and shocked by the brutal death of their patriarch by the hands of his own son. Some of the grandchildren were at home when the attack happened.

The victim was a retired carpenter, had three sons and five daughters, and is described as very good but tough.

Detective Chief Inspector Glen Fitzgerald confirmed that the victim was decapitated. Due to the gory scene the officers witnessed, they had to be counseled.

The wife was seen boarding an ambulance and had provided a statement to the police about the incident.

Mr Zahab joins a long list of people who have been decapitated intentionally or accidentally. The roster, compiled by Wikipedia, includes royalty, Catholic saints and even an American actor.

Here are 10 of them:

1.     Canadian student Tim McLean who was decapitated by another passenger while riding on a Greyhound bus in 2008

2.     Queen of England Anne Boleyn, executed in 1536 upon the order of Henry VIII of England, her husband, for high treason.

3.     Mary, Queen of Scots, executed in 1587 during the reign of Elizabeth I

4.     Blackbeard, the famous pirate, who was beheaded in 1718 after his capture at Ocracoke Island.

5.     Marie Antoinette in 1793, who is notorious for her deprecating statement about poor French who did not have bread, to "let them eat cake."

6.     Pope Stephen 1, a Christian martyr, ordered executed in 257 by Emperor Valerian.

7.     Saudi Arabian Prince Faisal bin Musa'id in 1975 for the assassination of his uncle, the king.

8.     American actor Vic Morrow who was decapitated by a crashing helicopter in 1982

9.     John the Baptist, upon the order of Herod of Antipas

10. Saint Thomas More, executed in 1535 for treason.

European countries topped the list because of the long reign of monarchy in the continent who were known for the famous line, "Off with his head," whenever subjects or other royals displeased them.

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