Sydney Leathers Writes 10 'Secrets for Seducing a Politician'

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In the wake of the Anthony Weiner's sexting scandal, his sexting partner Sydney Leathers wrote 10 Secrets for Seducing a Politician.

This is her answer to those who had been judging her and her relationship with the mayoral candidate.

Apparently, Ms Leathers would want for people to see the other side of the coin and not to be all moralists about the issue.

"I enjoy my sexuality, and it doesn't make me anything other than what I am: a young woman who's enjoying her life to the fullest and going on plenty of adventures with willing partners," Ms Leathers wrote in her blog.

Ms Leathers' words come strong at the onset of her blog.

"I know a lot of people judge me (shout-out to MSNBC's Thomas Robert's who went on air and called me "batshit crazy"), but I don't think it is their right to judge - just as it is not my right to judge them. We all have what we want to do in life and what our own personal standards are."

"Why does having a sexting affair with a married man or even doing porn make someone a "bad person"? Give me a break. I'm not a war criminal. I'm a human being who has made certain choices, some of which involve my sexuality."

"Yes, I've made thousands of dollars from sugar daddies. So?"

In her blog she shared ten tips on how to make a politician bite into the sexting game.

She had vivid example for each of the tip but here are the ten secrets basically:

1.        Indulge his crazy alter-ego, and whatever you do, don't laugh at him. When in doubt, use a smiley-face and tell him you actually mean it.

2.        Be a little coy at first. Don't be so aggressive.

3.        Be prepared to make the first move, play on his ego and resist being sexual when he wants to be sexual. It will drive him crazy.

4.        Figure out his weakness early on. If he's insecure, you've hit gold. Then torture him by playing hard to get.

5.        Make him jealous and then switch it up and make him feel secure. Kind of like "48 laws of Power." Politicians are in it to win it so always be in "flirting campaign mode."

6.        Go for someone who you know is tempted by hot chicks online. Once he's interested, find out his fetish as soon as you can.

7.        Give him more attention than he's ever known from a woman. Tell him he is sexy, and be specific about why he is.

8.        Find a horny non-politician to finance all the expensive shoes and lingerie pics you're sexting your politician boyfriend. Constantly, be painting a picture of yourself in your politician's brain.

9.        Tell him how big is his weiner is - especially if it's Weiner.

10.     Alternate between innocent and vague, then dirty and specific, and occasionally throw in a mention of something political he did.

It seemed like Ms Leathers was hell-bent to prove that she is not a naive innocent girl falling prey to politicians like Mr Weiner.

Indeed, she was just pursuing her sexuality.

In a report from Daily News, Ms Leather had also starred in an adult sexy film inspired by her relationship with Mr Weiner.

"it's not a self-pleasure video. It's just a sexy photo shoot with a behind-the-scenes interview," Ms Leathers said.

"I'm glad that it's out. I'm not embarrassed. I think it's good for me. A lot of girls have body image issues, and I'm not exempt from that. It's important to look at your body in a positive way. It's really not that bad."

She cleared that she did not feel being like a prostitute at all.

"If people want to take it that way, fine. But I think it's weird that anyone would have expectations from me. I'm not running for mayor. It's my body, it's my decision. I've never been one to let other people pass judgement on my body and what I do with it."

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