Sydney Airport Implements Smart Path Technology for all Weather Aircraft Landing

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Sydney Airport has implemented a new technology called SmartPath to allow landing by any aircraft in the lowest visibility conditions. According to a report in Zdnet by writer Aimee Chanthadavong, the new technology allows an aircraft to land within one metre of the runway's centre even in the worst visibility conditions.

This is a ground based augmentation system that allows aircraft to navigate via satellite technology marking a departure from the use of radio-based instruments for landing. This is benefiting Sydney airport by virtue of fewer flight diversions even in the event of bad weather and poor visibility.

Direct Data

SmartPath provides some 26 simultaneous instrument approaches in a 42 kilometre radius from the airport. The system also provides best calibration than all traditional instrument landing systems.

According to Mark Rodwell, CEO of state owned Airservices, the technology SmartPath improved the accuracy of aircraft positioning and guides aircraft along a predictable landing path by correcting all Global Positioning System errors by transmitting data directly to the aircraft's flight management system.

Sydney the First

Airservices partnered with Honeywell Aerospace to develop the SmartPath system. According to Kerrie Mather, CEO, Sydney Airport  the new technology is equivalent to the work of six separate instrument landing system units and also offers an additional safety for airlines to take advantage as new aircraft models like Airbus A380s and Boeing 787 Dreamliners are being pressed into service.

Eco Friendly Technology

Mike Underwood, Director, Honeywell Aerospace noted that the growth of Sydney Airport requires a greater precision for approaching aircraft. Installing SmartPath is driving efficiency and ensuring that the airport is better equipped to service airlines and fleets. SmartPath is also helping to increase fuel savings and in cutting down emissions.

Melbourne Next

Following the success of the SmartPath in Sydney airport Airservices will be implementing the technology at the Melbourne International Airport in the coming year. 

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