SXSW Suspect Kiling 2 And Injured 23 Identified, Victims Include Dutch Man

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The suspect, who reportedly injured 23 people and killed 2 others during Southwest festival in the early morning of March 13, has been identified.

The Wall Street Journal identified the suspect as Rashad Charjuan Owens [Image], 21, "black male," who allegedly drove into a crowd attending the SXSW festival. Owens was also accused of evading one patrol officer who had earlier tried pulling him over due to the suspicion of drunken driving. He drove the wrong way down and almost killed an officer who was manning a barricade.

According to Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo, he then moved to a block which was filled with people.

A bicyclist was his first victim. The Dutch man and a Texas woman riding a moped were killed by Owens who crashed into one van. Even though he tried to run away on foot, an officer got hold of him with a taser gun. Acevedo said the suspect had been arrested afterwards.

The Dutch man killed in the accident has been identified as Steven Craenmehr, 35, an employee of MassiveMusic. He worked for the music agency which had its offices in multiple cities, including Amsterdam.

According to its official Web site, Craenmehr worked for the company for 8 years. He was remembered as an "unstoppable force" that was "full of life, love and laughter." His death has been called as an "irreplaceable loss" for the company.

Owens was no stranger to the crime as he has previous criminal records. He was charged by Alaska's Fairbanks District Attorney's Office in 2011 for drunken driving.

This time, he was supposed to face multiple counts, which include aggravated assault and capital murder. Travis County authorities informed he was yet to make a court appearance even though he had been under custody.

Most of the victims who have been hospitalised were reported to be in their 20s.

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