Switching from Android to iOS: How to Transfer Files from an Android Tablet to a Retina iPad Mini or iPad Air

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Switching from an Android tablet to an Apple device like iPad Mini 2 or iPad Air can be challenging. Nonetheless, it does not take rocket science to make the switch. Users only need to follow a number of steps to ensure a smooth transition. For example, synchronising social networking sites, contacts and other files. 

Google, Facebook and Twitter 

There are number of cloud services that can store social media information. This means, a user can store their Facebook, Twitter and other site details in a cloud service app to access it anytime. There are also services allowing people to store or synch their email accounts for easy access. It is best to store data in these services for a smooth transition between devices. 

It is the same as accessing the Settings Menu of the device and toggling the details the user wants to pull in. This may include calendars, contacts, mail and even notes. When these information are already stored in cloud, logging into the account using the iPad should synchronise them automatically with the new device. 

It is also easy to reconcile contacts between the two devices if people rely on their Twitter and Facebook info. The iOS 7 can pull native data from the contacts and store info on the device. Just go to the "Settings Menu" and choose "Update Contacts." So long as the person is logged onto their social media accounts, the device should be able to store the contact's information. 

Dropbox is accessible to both iOS and Android devices. The program provides automatic upload settings. If the user enabled Dropbox on their Android device, then transferring photos and similar documents to the Retina iPad or iPad Air should be easy. Simply installing the app on the Android device and on the iOS device will facilitate smooth file transfer. 

Transferring Files the Traditional Way 

Follow these steps to transfer contact:

1.       Launch the Contacts app.

2.       Select the Menu button.

3.       Search for the Import/Export option. Press the option.

4.       Select the option allowing the device to export contacts to storage.

5.       There are two options: manually pull the contacts or email them to a personal account.

6.       Open the file containing contacts or open the Contacts app. Users can also upload to iCloud.com.

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