Swimming: Cate Campbell Emerged Fastest in National Trial

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World Freestyle champion Cate Campbell recorded a spectacular speed in her first national trials swimming competition on 50m freestyle heat. Campbell finished the trial on 24.23 seconds for a single lap, 0.04 seconds faster from the 2013 trials.

The opportunity to participate in a shorter event will give her additional boost for the 100 m freestyle champion.

"It's great to get started on day two of competition instead of day five ...I  think your 50 will always suffer if you've done a hard 100 the night before so it will be interesting to see if I can put together a really good 50 this time around," Campbell said after the trial.

Four years ago, Campbell had to withdraw from the Commonwealth Games held at New Delhi for illness. She was then keen to show her best at the Glasgow Games.

"It has huge meaning ... it hurt a lot watching the guys compete in 2010 without me and it's definitely been a massive goal of mine ever since I can remember," she said.

Campbell's younger sister Bronte ended as the second fastest qualifier at 25.01 seconds, followed by Melaine Schlanger ending at 25.21 seconds and Emma McKeon ending fourth at 25.25 seconds.

In the National 400m freestyle event, champion David McKeon ended first with his personal best of 1:46.93.

Daniel Smith, former teen sensation, after his recovery from drug addiction and homelessness, ended in fifth position to qualify for the national team in his personal best of 1:47.86, just ahead of junior champion Mack Horton as he finished 1:47.93.

"I gave that everything I had to be honest. For me I'm actually lucky to be here at the moment, so to make the final is just a bonus. Whatever happens, happens ... It is so overwhelming right now, I actually can't explain the feeling. It hasn't settled in yet, I saw the heats before me and thought, 'wow that's so fast', and that is a one second PB for me," Smith said after his comeback.

"I'm definitely in this for the long haul ... I struggled so much behind the blocks. I can do all the hard training but behind the blocks I'm not confident, I struggle believing in myself and I think this race is going to be too hard .... That one I went out as hard as I could and just held on and I couldn't be happier," he added 

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