Swift's Ex's Bromance: Taylor Lautner & Patrick Schwarzenegger Play Ball

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Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriends, Taylor Lautner and Patrick Shwarzenegger were recently spotted rubbing elbows. Did the two burned-out lovers have a secret meet to talk about the blonde country singer? Apparently, Swift wasn't even the topic of the meet and the boys had actually been busy playing ball. Say what?

For those who don't know, Taylor Lautner was Taylor Swift's quick fling in 2010 and the inspiration behind the Grammy Award winner's song, "Back to December." The Taylor Squared ended their relationship due to the fact that Swift was not quite ready to settle down seriously with Lautner.

As for Patrick Shwarzenegger, the son of former governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger was another quick fling for Swift. The two were snapped in a romantic hug back at the Kennedy Compound in Cape Cod during the Fourth of July. Afterwards, Swift had immediately moved her attention from Patrick to his cousin, Conor Kennedy, five years younger than Swift. The two had split again after a few weeks.

So what's the big deal between Taylor Lautner and Patrick Schwarzenegger spotted together?

Taylor Lautner and Patrick Schwarzenegger were photographed last Sunday looking all chummy. The boys were spotted playing a game of football with few friends at Calabasas. Why were the two even together? Well, both Taylor Lautner and Patrick Schwarzenegger were part of the "Grown Ups 2" cast of which was being filmed in California.

Patrick Schwarzenegger was snapped wearing a red shirt paired with black gym shorts. On the other hand, the "Twilight" actor, Lautner was spotted wearing a UCLA football shirt, black baseball cap and black shorts.

All the boys did was simply play ball and nothing of the rumored talk of Taylor and Patrick planning revenge against Swift. If anything, the boys appear to be happy and content like Taylor Swift is with her new boyfriend, Harry Styles of One Direction.

In Hollywood where ex-boyfriends meeting other ex-boyfriends, people tend to talk and make up stories. For one, there was nothing going on behind the meet between Taylor Lautner and Patrick Schwarzenegger. In fact, the two men are allegedly still good friends with Taylor Swift unlike John Mayer.

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