Swedish Duo Icona Pop Call Miley Cyrus Crazy Yet Professionally Smart Woman

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While Miley Cyrus has never gone to rehab or been arrested for DUI, the former “Hannah Montana” star has been famous for controversial reasons of which include smoking pot on stage, twerking and her scandalous “Bangerz” tour. REUTERS/Maja Suslin/TT News Ag

Miley Cyrus has a new fan and it is none other than Swedish duo Icona Pop. Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo have called the "Wrecking Ball" songstress as an "amazing" and "down to earth" person. Icona Pop performed on Miley's latest "Bangerz" tour and the experience has let them get to know Miley more.

"She's such an amazing girl. Super down-to-earth and caring," the duo revealed to E! Online in an interview. "It was such a good vibe [on tour] and she's so hard working. She really inspired us. She's really really cool."

Miley's recent controversial "Bangerz" concert had Icona Pop and Sky Ferriera performing for the audience. The tour kicked off in style at the Valentine's Day on February 14 with Miley making a grand entry on a hot dog. The 21-year-old generated controversy by various antics like spitting on the audience by filling water in her mouth, simulating oral sex on a Bill Clinton look-alike, wearing several crotch-revealing dresses among other things.

However, the Swedish DJ duo is still quite impressed with Miley as a person and praises her for her commitment to the concert.

"I think the best thing with her is that she grew up in a family that was kind of famous so the best part about her is that she knows how to combine fun with work as well," they said. "She would never risk a show by going out the night before but if she was free the night after, she would definitely go out and have a good time."

The pair also dwelled on Miley's professionalism and commended her for checking all the technical glitches before the show and planning all the fun stuff in advance. They call Miley a "crazy" person but also feel she is a smart woman who does everything on stage with a purpose.

"....She's crazy and she's fun but that's her expressing herself on stage and in her music. But she's really a smart woman and everything on stage...was her idea," the duo revealed during the interview.

"She's the boss of everything and it's just very inspiring to be around someone who's having a lot of fun because she's doing stuff her way and with her friends and her crew, but in a very professional way," they added. 

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